I can’t wait for the end of this awful 2013 year. I’m really surprised I was able to survive it and it was really twelve lost months.

Most of the great projects I’ve had (my novel, progress in photography, learning German, investing my time in new technologies, shooting more and better, militanting for Pirate Party, summoning the money and courage to go to a teeth doctor…) are on a standstill.

But it had nevertheless a few positive points :

I successfully stopped an autodestructive process and I’m far more healthier than I was at the end of 2012. 

I change my suicidal Shitroën for a more sensible, economical and stable car.

I don’t learn anything useful this year (and I’ve probably downgraded in a lot of domains) but I consolidated a few things and I’m doing a nice transition from superficialist chaos to a cool hardened, frugal and resilient organization.

My friends were always here when I needed them.

And also, thank you, dear followers, for letting me feel I’m still a bit relevant.

And for that, I wish you all a marvelous, healthy, full of love and adventure new year*.

(*) even if I think that beginning the year in the heart of Winter for the sake of astronomical phenomenons is bloody stupid, and that we should go back to the more sensible April the 1st. new year beginning, with the good days going back from their cold and foggy exile. 

I’ve repeated it several times, but I think 2013 was an awful year for cinema. I can’t think of an excellent movie this year, and God knows that I’ve lost some hours in theaters.

I can think of four not that bad movies (but not perfect) :
– Rush – a very effective movie, full of tension and action, with a classical but powerful construction. And I’m a sucker for ’70s atmosphere. (7/10)
– Don Jon got a special place because I really like JGL’s work. The second part of the movie lacked a bit of energy, but it’s a romcom most guys can relate to. Still a romcom, though. (6/10)
– The Hunger Games – Catching fire. One of the rare sequel more powerful than the entry level movie. Good acting, lot of action, story is quite subversive, OST is great… but it lost points with the twillightish love triangle. Dear movie producers, please stop injecting girly drama in action movies. (7/10)
– World War Z – I liked the book, but was thrilled by the adaptation. Like the Hunger Games, it could have got a perfect 10 if was not for the family part of the movie, and the wrecked end. Dear movie makers, please stop injecting girly drama in action movies. Seriously, I think most women would mind if suddenly a violent axe killer would kill the female protagonist’s best friend in the elevator of an underground parking, then leave the head of said bff on the bed of the main character, even if she will meet the love of her life at the burying ceremony. Stop fucking around. (7/10)

Except for that…
– Wolverine. Seriously ? I just can’t see the point. Probably the director neither. (0/10)
– Pacific Rim – it’s the first time of my life that I’ve run away from a movie at the intermission. The guy in the seat next to me awake me two times during the first part. I really liked Del Toro’s work, but his Pacific Rim is the equivalent of Jackson’s King Kong. (0/10)
– Spring Breakers – I’m a big fan of Korine’s whitetrashy work, but I can’t help to think that it should have been a Gregg Araki movie. This one is just boooooooring, with pretty images, a lack of rythm that only the worst top 40s hits in the eighties were able to sustain, characters that you just want to die. If you’re into boobs, you may be slighty interested (but just to Youporn instead), but even sex and violence are boring in Korine’s universe. Florida seems not to be a delightful place to live. The only clip that got me was the Britney Spears slash pink balaclavas song moment. And Franco’s Camaro, which remind me of the one (but maybe it was a Firebird) in Larry Clark’s Bully. (1/10)
– Only God forgives – see Spring Breakers. Hollow, slow, fat, with a Ryan Gosling in Meurseault mode. (1/10)
– The great Gatsby – I liked the novel, I like DiCaprio, I like the period. It was boring and inconvincing. (2/10)
– The Internship. Who wouldn’t go to the movies to watch a 90 minutes ad for a tech giant? Me neither. (0/10)
– Elyseum. Really not that bad, if you compare it to its challengers, but pathos must be used lightly to still be effective. It reminds of Raspail’s Le Camp des Saints, esthetics were OK and I really liked Jody Foster. (5/10)
– Oblivion. Another good surprise, since I dislike Tom Cruise. A pretty movie, with a solid story and good rythm, but like Elyseum, it had strong competition from TV shows. (5/10)
– After Earth. I saw this one because I think Will Smith is a good actor. An highly previsible movie, with a lot of boring parts. Not interesting. (1/10)
– Percy Jackson’s Sea of Monsters. I really liked the first opus, and I liked the books. This one is hollow. The fact that I really don’t care for the heroes is a good symptom for me that the movie is bad. (1/10)
– 2 Guns. At least a good old fashion buddy movie. It’s not bad, it’s not that good neither. As an entertainement, it’s still better than having his fingernails pulled. (4/10)
– The World’s end. This movie let me down. It seems that Frog-Pegg-Wright were going for full retard, and it’s not that a good idea. Go see Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz again, instead. (2/10)
– Star Trek into Darkness – the first one was rather entertaining (I’m not a trekkie). The only thing in favour of this movie against, for exemple, be deported to Guantanamo is you can actually escape the movie theater. (0/10)
– GI Joe retaliation. The first one was suprisingly good (even if it aged badly). This one is… just plainly stupid. I liked the destruction of the White House and the fact they were using GoogleTranslation for the French written bits – that was hilarious. (0/10)
– Fast and Furious 6. The fact that Paul Walker died such an awful way is an indication that Karma is working. You should actually lose your driving license for watching such a stupid movie. Even Luc Besson’s awful car comedies production are edging on Truffaut or Godard’s work in comparaison. (0/10)
– Olympus has fallen & White House down. Can’t remember which one is one, but one is a better Die Hard movie than the last Die Hard, and the other is lame. But both got the White House destroyed, so that’s cool, even if they both got a bad end. (the Die Hardish one is 4/10, the other one is 1/10)
– L’Écume des jours – I like Gondry’s work since almost thirty years, I’m a big fan of Vian since I’m a teenager, this movie is awful and you should probably carving your name on your foreskin with an utility knife instead of watching this movie. I’m pretty sure a desperate movie shouldn’t instill despair and depression into the viewer. Also, Mr. Gondry, Jean-Pierre Jeunet has called and he wants his style back ASAP. (0/10)
– Hansel and Gretel. Your eyes will bleed. It got a lot of competition this year, but it’s truely one of the most awful movie of all times. You know those bad cop TV shows from Germany, the ones with a middle-aged policeman in greyish-beigish coat, driving at the speed limits a beige Opel Ascona or a white-and-green Mercedes W124, resolving some murder mystery and most of the times inquiries about troubled youngsters spraying the walls with angry graffitis, or noise levels complaints after 10 PM? As a cultural artefact, they are better built, and you’ll be a lot more thrilled by them. (0/10)
– We’re the Miller – Rather funny. Not a lot to say about it. I didn’t dislike it, and it’s a successs in itself for a 2013 movie. (4/10)
– RED 2. RED was good. RED 2 isn’t, like most sequels. Not a surprise. There are worst movies, but you should find something more interesting in your life than watching this movie, or you probably should kill yourself if you can’t. (1/10)
– This is the end. The beginning is excellent, the middle is rather funny, the 5 last minutes are lame. It’s probably an excellent movie if you’re part of it, or of the young Hollywood actor lifestyle scene. (3/10)
– Despicable me 2 – not very good. Some parts are entertaining. Minions are infuriating, except if you’re 12. (4/10)
– Empire State – another New Jersey movie. New Jersey seems not to be a delightful place to live. Lack of rythm, lots of promises, could have been a great movie with a tighter direction. (2/10)
– Kick Ass 2. Not kicking ass. I would never had think one day I would miss Nicholas Cage. (2/10)
– The Dyatlov Pass incident. Great little movie à la Blair Witch Project. They should have cut the 5 last minutes that broke totally the movie. Should have been a perfect 10 without it. (4/10)
– The Hangover part III. This movie would have been way funnier and would have made more sense if it were directed by David Lynch. As such, it’s just a waste of means and great actors. (0/10)
– I’d forgotten the tarentinesque shit of the year, Django unchained. It’s only a matter of time now that Tarentino will attack the subject of bad French comedies from the ’70s, a subgenre called “nanars” en français dans le texte. I really didn’t find Django unchained interesting ; I prefer my western-spaghetti al dente. DiCaprio is not that bad, but he’s not very inventive in his interpretation of villains (or is it because he’s stuck in the villains pit?). The only one that made sense for me was Samuel L. Jackson, even if I really dislike him. (1/10)

Let’s all forget this cinematographic year.


Last sunny day. Now it’s only night and fog. Until April.