« No metal is illegal », in relation with the stupid news of this morning.

In addendum, I was ready to explain how gun control is dangerous for innocent people, but then I realized I was talking about a politician, and a Tory one nevertheless.

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Just saw The Wind rises, the last Miyazaki. I really liked it, and give it a ten. A ten for a Zero.

If you like Japan, design and the Mittel-Europa onirism generally associated with Studio Ghibli, you won’t lose your time, I promise.

And yes, the movie is rather long and a bit slow, but the pace is steady and there is no time to be bored, unlike with those overblown chronic masturbators moviemakers à la Malik or Refn. 


This is the dirty face of gun control.

You’re minding your own business, then you’re wake up by a dawn police raid and thrown in jail over a deactivated war souvenir.

Now you’re facing 5 years of prison! Without any aggresion, violence or even self-harm risk that could justify making you a criminal.

Stop making metal illegal. [Source] Daily Mail via @pierre_lemieux