jeep42willys replied to your photoset“I was very conservative the day I chose to buy my CZ 75, but this HK…”

how do you like the CZ-75?

It’s a great pistol. It’s not the greatest looking handgun, but I really like the handling. Precision is excellent for a combat compact pistol and for the moment, also is realibility. I really like the trigger, which is far better than both my Glock’s and SIG P220’s ones, and almost as good as the one on my Beretta 71. 

It’s not very useful, but it’s nice to have the option (depending on regulations)  to be able to carry it in condition one or in double action (but unlike most of the pistols of this generation, not being bothered by the safety lever in this configuration).
Its only drawback as far as I see is that I’m not allowed to use it in a military shooting range, I have to revert to my P220 (but if I had bought a very similar Sphinx, it would have been allowed… bureaucracy…).

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