Be a freight ! Be very a freight !

Geil. where did you bench this

I feel really, really, old everytime I have to go look a word in urban dictionary to understand youngsters talking to me. Now, get off my lawn !

But since it’s nice to learn new things every day, here’s your answer : this is a CFF/SBB train cargo picture I took in Romont, Switzerland.





Moons in June
I’ve given up on that stuff
Arms have charms
But I’ve no hope of falling in love

The rest of life pales in significance
I’m looking for somebody with whom to dance
With whom to dance? With whom to dance?
I’m looking for somebody with whom to dance

I’m quite shocked to discover than one of the prettiest song of TDC is not a Neil Hannon song at all, but instead a cover of the other great songwriters of this century, TMF. Positively shocked.

is this one a cover too?

I’m pretty sure not – but everytime I’m discovering a new TMF song is like I’m struck by lighting – the precision of songwriting is uncanny and put almost everything that was made in the XXth Century to shame.