I just realized while I was soaking my shirt with liters of sweat on my training bike that today was the first time in maybe a year that I was in my confort zone at work.

No stupid situations interlocking multiple regulations, no frightening situations involving the risk of loss or human life or millions of bucks, no vast amount of multitasking juggling with five or six problems at the same moment, with at least two at the highest priority level, just straightforward troubleshooting without hard sleep deprivation, nice people complying with their entreprise’s common sense regulations, and very importantly, tools working like they were intended to. 

My points are :

– I’m so exhausted I thought for a while I’ve got a case of severe depression, and I had to bring my workload down to the point of being a working-poor ;

– I’ve got problems with people telling me I need to go outside my comfort zone to enhance my life. 

– I need to find another job.



How is that even possible? #firstworldproblems #harddrivedieharder


It occured to me today that new ALFA front grill looks very much like a slice of pizza. #cantbeunseen