Il fait si chaud que j’ai l’impression d’être à Cow-Lanta


Bike to work 2016-05-21 under the searing Swiss Sun. About 17 km in under fifty minutes (I need to charge my GPS to be more precise). Sweaty, hot, hills, a few flies swallowed.


I was biking (and baking under the hot sun of the afternoon – yeah, I know, I complain when it’s raining, I complain when it’s sunny, I have a very specific ideal weather which is very rare where I’m leaving : dry cold+sunny, but I digress) from work, and for some reason, I remembered that little clip from François Girard’s Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould, a movie I saw when I was still a teenager and influenced me a lot, especialy the Leaving part. I think it’s truely speaking to my heavily analogic personality, and explain probably my taste for tacky, old American cars (that radiator grill ! the dieselpunk turning signals ! the folding shutter over the lights !). Anyway, if you don’t care about my sense of aesthetic, you will enjoy this Sarabande from Bach’s Suite française  -No. 1.


descampsdavid hat auf dein Video geantwortet:

I’ve made it. I’m wetter than a 40 year old obese…

Glad that you came home alive!

Oh well, if only I had looked  in my secondary bag, I would have found not only my pull-over, but also a light rain jacket, both things that would have been perfect to avoid getting drenched… But in defense of my levity, I’ve had the perfect weather when I went biking to work ; the storm waited five minutes only before the end of my shift to begin.

I misread the meteorological info this morning, I forgot my rain jacket AND my pull-over at home. Now I have to go back home on my bike in the storm. If there is no new post in the next two hours, I’ll let you compose my eulogy. I give you the right to insert the word “dumbass” in it.


It’s incredible how fast bike performances are coming back, even after six months of winter during which I switched to walking. Bike-to-work today was sweaty and hard, but very manageable. And I found a new path in the green hills of Fribourg with more cows than ever.

The Sun is now out for three consecutive days, and so are flies, noisy children and farmers clogging the roads on their tractors. Three reasons to spend more time at an average 20 kph, away from the pesky humans (at least three persons tried to talk to me today, that was very disturbing).


So today was my official first bike-to-work day of the year, and it was obviously a disaster. I had to to fight heavy frontal winds in the hills, and I didn’t really worked these pesky bike muscles during the six-month winter (last B2W was in November, IIRC), so I really thought I was going to die, and it took me more than half an hour to bring my organism back to rest. 

Here’s my rig : a Princeton Tec Corona frontlight, a Petzl Nao on the head and a Petzl Tikka+ flashing red on the back. 

I think I will come back to my Wolverine backpack.

My plan for the moment is to keep a 2/3 walking 1/3 biking rythmn in order to stay in shape.