I had at last the chance to examine this new style of Swiss banknotes, and I’m somewhat divided about it.
Of course, I don’t like changing for the sake of change, even if I can understand the reasons behind. I really like the current series, which is very well designed (my favourite still being the incredible 5th one, which was emitted between 1956 and 1980).
Putting my conservative bias away, I really like the feeling of the new paper, very solid and almost cardboardy (brand new, at least). It’s very colorful and with nice technological touches, and I suppose the whole new series will still conserve the practical design characteristics of the current one, so why not ?
In the end, two things are really irking me : the decision to get rid of people in favour of very consensual scenes on the banknotes – I will miss Le Corbusier, Giacometti and Ramuz, Ramuz with his Lavaux hills back… ; but most of all, I hate the ridiculous Green Giant hand holding the dandelion on the front of the note (seriously, I can live with the rest, but please amend the design and get rid of it – keep the dandelion, though).