Les Calamités, Vélomoteur – an ode to moped

I remember our red car
Whizzing at full speed on the roads.
 My hair in the wind
You looking in the distance, straight ahead
So many things might have happened
That I would not have regretted
Oh no, but you’re always too hasty
And we did not even stopped

I can assure you I’m not afraid
And neither am I carsick
I’m even not in a bad mood
But I prefer mopeds
That go pa pa pa pa pa …
Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa …
Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa …


Woods and hills, a little less than 2 hours, a little more than 10 kilometers.





Is that your moped?

Ah ah nope ! I think it belongs to a fisherman on the pier. But this Peugeot 103 “Vogue” is an iconic model, very rugged and reliable, produced non-stop since 1971 (since 2006 they are made in China, and are also still produced in Morocco).


A very Swiss house.