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I’m going for a day to London, next week. I’m toying with the idea to create a special t-shirt for the occasion. Something very simple, on the pattern of the old Marine nationale service t-shirt, but with “Mers el Kebir” written over the anchor.

On London subject, since it’s already sixteen years I’ve been there, and I’m mostly remembering squirrels (but I’ve got a positive bias toward squirrels), is there anything interesting to see ?

I will seriously trade you a U.S. Navy shirt for a Marine Nationale shirt.

Ah ah. Halas, these vintage t-shirts are quite difficult to find. Mine were just plain navy blue shirts… 

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If you really want to poke them in the eye, maybe a Marquis de Lafayette t shirt (Britons rate George Washington as their all time # 1 nemesis, and the Marquis and Washington were close). Or even better, a Robert Surcouf t shirt.

I like the way you think ! There are so many reasons to hate Englishmen it’s not even funny.

Take a day trip to the States next time. 

They’ll need to bring Concorde back for that. Anyway, they need to bring back Concorde, period.


Highlights from the past month:

– Having to clarify that My Bloody Valentine isn’t Bullet for My Valentine.

– Explaining that of Montreal isn’t from Canada.

– Having to respond to “Game of Thrones is a turning point in American Literature” in a civil manner.

On the other hand, if they were called, say, From Athens, there were a whole other level of explanation to provide (not that the question had ever cross my mind, but I would have expected this band to be from Canada, too).

Just tried the new System of Tumblr Discussion, thanks to @bright-green-gloves.

It’s not that bad for a messenger app, I just don’t really understand what its purpose is (I’ve got already gmail, threema and telegram, and for quite a long time facebook – I can live in a world without a new-old way to communicate with people).

What Tumblr really needed was apparently a messenger app, and not better ergonomics, a comment system on posts (outside reblogging, I mean), a better tags management system, or tiny little things like that. But coming from people using ties as belts, it must be some out-of-the-box thinking. Not sure if all that is worth the loss of the also imperfect but quite useful reply feature.

edit : I understand why the online presence feature is missing in the new system, as it’s only a simple enhancement over the old, stupid, awful, not-good-at-all messenging system, but what is the point of mimicking the universal instant messengers’ interface when what you’re providing is more or less an e-mail system ? Again, ties-as-belts, etc.




I’ve done the Myers-Briggs’ test mostly out of mix of boredom and curiosity. It seems I’m mostly pompidolian.

Ahaha, but what is your Myers-Briggs result anyway?

I’m INTJ-A, of course. It’s funny, it’s like astrology, but with a lot of big scientific words.


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what. the. fuck.

Hypothesis one : he’s a teenage runaway dragon, reduced to panhandling so he can buy some food for his dog and some crack for him.

Hypothesis two : he’s not a dragon, but a Polish boy that lost a bet.

Hypothesis three : he’s some soccer team mascot, that passed out after drinking too much vodka and still hungover, hasn’t had quite realized he’s still in costume.





This song dedicated to laurentbelkacem

I think people aren’t getting a kick out of this because they never heard the original. 

Maybe you need to do a videoclip in drag. It would appeal to the dying masses of Brooklynese and Portlandese hipsters. “It’s an obscure mid-Eighties French girl band singing about mopeds. You wouldn’t understand.”