Lieutenant Guy Drummond of the 13th Battalion Royal Highlanders of Canada in the trenches. He was killed in the Second Battle of Ypres at the age of 27, soon after this photograph was taken. 1915.

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Jean-Pierre Ferland – God is an American. A blend of Gil Scott-Heron’s spoken words and a early seventies tv show theme set in New York with a hardboiled policeman and his martial art master sidekick with an afro, a mustard yellow turtleneck sweater and brown corduroy pants.


The Moonbears – We are Bi Bi Ba Ba Boom. Les Lunours were a band centered around a proto-Telletubies French-Canadian TV Show that was such a flop one of the producers kill himself (*). Their only legacy is this single (with Terre Terre as side-b). This is the English version of Nous sommes Bi Bi Ba Ba Boum Boum, a wonderful space-conquest/bubblegum pop song that I just discovered thanks to reverbradio.

(*) all the informations I found about this band came from the excellent vintage Québec pop radio show