It’s probably because I’m French, but “Moms demand action” sounds like the title of a hardcore porn website.

I really can’t wait to see how the “grassroot”* pumpkin-spice-latte-drinking-orange-wearing- white-suburban-soccer-moms and “benevolant mayors” for civilian disarmament that combined with Bloomberg money, make Ivorytower, will provide us expertise on taking away civil rights gun safety…

Or maybe it’s just time, if you’re a concerned parent, to listen to Eddie the Eagle?

* (as in manucured lawns in gated communities and $75 hair roots touch-up).



honestly i hate the amount of shit about gun control that pops up on my dash everytime there’s an incident involving guns in the usa and yes i mean both sides annoy the life out of me i want out

Both sides thrive on hysteria. What gun nuts need to realise it that gun control doesn’t mean that the government is going to bash down your door and take your guns or “pry them from your cold dead fingers”. It also doesn’t mean that law abiding citizens will be “disarmed”. Because that’s exactly what gun control is; allowing law abiding citizens to continue to own guns while attempting to weed out the ones who are unfit. 

Alternatively anti-gun advocates need to realise that gun control isn’t a fix all solution or even a solution at all… The problem in America runs so much deeper than simply regulating guns one way or the other. 

Nope. Gun control doesn’t work to prevent violence and in any case, it doesn’t “weed out the one’s who are unfit”.

Gun control means only three things for the average citizen :

– difficulties (and then, with little time passing, ban) to own any kind of gun, because they have characteristics that will be forbidden (too short, too powerful, too discreet, to scary…) ;

– difficulties (and then, with little time passing, ban) to use them, particularly in a legitime situation of self-defense.

I’m undergoing gun rights restrictions since I’m an adult. Most of the countries where I lived went with a very liberal gun legislation, without much troubles. Then because of Schengen, rules changed, and guess what ? Violence exploded, petty criminals switched from knives and hunting shotgun to assault rifles, citizens lost most of their right for self-defense.

Where people were exposed to guns from the youngest age, and treated said weapons with respect, both hoplophobia/gun fascination and violence porn is the norm today in the generation that is becoming adult.

It doesn’t change anything for lambda criminals, suicidal persons, terrorists or lone wolves mass-murderers : if they can’t rely on civilian market, they’ll just find another way to commit their mischiefs or use black market.

Gun control is the root of evil because it condemns intentions, potentialities, not actions, while preventing citizen from protecting themselves.

Gun control is getting raided at dawn for the mere possession of a gun.

So no, sorry, gun control is not something innocuous and not harmful for society as a whole. And there is no reasonnable compromise to reach in order to protect what is a natural and basic human right.




Another mass-murder in Occident this week : 3 killed and 30 injured in Austria this afternoon. There should be a quick resolution of this kind of situations with the strict regulation of something. (Picture from BBC)

Did you just really have the audacity of using a tragedy like this to make light of people who want stricter gun control laws?

I wouldn’t dare. Wouldn’t make me as awful, low and scummy as the anti-civil rights people bathing in the blood of innocent children every time such tragedies happen in order to promote their agenda ?






Top Photo: San Diego, CA — Federal roadblocks and checkpoints are springing up in the zealous search for an ex-LAPD officer suspected of murder. Not only are vehicles being searched without probable cause or a warrant, but 600 homes were searched in Big Bear, CA.

Bottom Photo: Big Bear Lake, CA — California Highway Patrol forcibly search vehicles on the road at gunpoint, as they aggressively search for the ex-LAPD officer accused of murder.

One man, one excuse is all that is needed to suspend innocent people’s rights and impose police state tactics.

This is disgusting.

I don’t know who they think they are. They walk all over the people they’re supposed to “protect and serve” and completely ignore their constitutional rights and then expect people to act like they are noble and heroic when they get shot at. To hell with that.

The state earns the monicker “Commiefornia” more and more each day. All I know is that I pity anyone that lives there.

Fuck this on every conceivable level.

Fuck California. That’s place is a nanny-state shithole.