My Christmas gift from @profetosama – a bundle of Field Notes notebooks, very nice and pocketable, with about the same size of my habitual Clairefontaine notebooks. Ideal to jot down a quick note on the fly.


Minimalist Winter EDC
– Sony natelligent/smartphone
– Fenix E01
– Victorinox Ambassador
– SOG Pocket Power Plier
– Caran d’Ache 849 ballpoint
– Bic lighter
– ASP Street Defender OC
– Rosary
– Clairefontaine 9×14 cm/96 pages notepad


@profetosama sent me a nice Christmas present : a set of three Field Notes notebooks. They are not that easy to find in Europe. They are very similar to my Clairefontaine notebook, which may have far superior paper, but are way less stylish (you would think Clairefontaine’s marketers are perpetually stuck in a ten-year ago vortex*), and I like the options of the three kind of lines/squares/dots printed on the paper. Thanks, mate !

* I realize that’s maybe just the jetlag between Vosges country and the rest of the world.


My December EDC :

– Clairefontaine notebook and Caran d’Ache 849 ballpoint pen

– wallet and keys

– Philippe Perotti Sac à pièces

– pepper spray, Fred Perrin Neck Bowie and Street Bowie

– Motorola G 2nd generation

– whistle, rosary, lighter in a kydex sheath, Lansky knife sharpener, Victorinox keychain knife, Fenix E01 flashlight

missing : Casio watch, wool gloves, bonnet hat.


August EDC : Blackhawk, Nokia, Victorinox, Caran d’Ache 849 & Fixpencil 22, Fenix E01, Cricket, Kingston MicroSD reader, Clairefontaine.