Play the game of Bug or Feature with tumblr

1. Videos : no legend available with YT videos (and I suppose all kind of videos, but I post mostly YT videos to reply to someone, generally with a bad pun or a trying-to-be-witty-comment). That’s great. Because sometimes I post great songs because I love them, and sometimes, people think I’m just a Village People fan. Yeah !

2. Links :  I don’t really understand what is going on there. Links just disappear in the code of my tag page, in both case of edition from richtext or html. Funnier, in the app, links just don’t work, and when clicked on, instead of going to wanted tag, just return to my home page. On a related topic, “more” function seems to disappear in the app. The post is working correctly in my browser, either on the page or on dashboard ; but in the app, I’m messing with your life and your feed with that awful 200 items list that is only useful for people wanting to explore my tumblr. Yeah !

3. Search : apparently, only the five main tags of a post are registered and appear in the search bar. Which is not really a bad thing to explore a new blog, but I’d really like to have access to the alternative tags. I.e., “Jean Cocteau” is unknown to the app, while in the browser the search function provides most of the posts available about the Poet. Sad.

4. copy-paste of anything in the app is a game of Tetris, since everything I paste just go on top of the post. So when I need to copy a very long/randomized URL, I have to accomplish a very tedious mental gymnastic to build my post. That kind of gymnastic is said to be very good to present Alzheimer. Yeah !

5. one of my favourite beature, is when I’m browsing a blog in the app (because I’m always looking for new things to add to my dashboard), and whoops-a-daisy ! I’m back at the most recent post, on top of the page. Which is great since it’s a good way to stop wasting time on Tumblr. Yeah !