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318 – SwissPopPanorama 


A mixtape featuring most of my favourite songs for the excellent temporary exhibition “Oh Yeah!” at Communication Museum of Bern. I tried to respect more or less the chronologic order, from the late fifties to milleniums’ music. 

And you know you need some yodel to protect that bad thyroid.

Hazy Osterwald – Swiss Air
The 5 Dorados – Tilt
The Countdowns – Sex Maniac
Les Sauterelles – Montgolfier
Berry Window & The Movements – I’ll Wait For You
Krokodil – Don’t Make Promises
The Shiver – Hey Mr. Holy Man
Peter, Paul and Mary – Blowing in the Wind
Brainticket – Black Sand
Taxi – Campari Soda
Pepe Lienhard & Band – Swiss Lady
TNT – Züri brännt
Claude – Nüt
Blue China – Visitors Never Come Alone
Frostcschutz – Handtäschlifrau
Matterhorn Project – Muh
Mittageisen – Automaten
Touch El Arab – Muhammar
Sonalp – La Biennoise
Patent Ochsner – W. Nuss vo Bümpliz
Charlotte Parfois – Y croyez-vous ?
Guillermo Sorya – Dr. Sidi Abdel Assar vo El Hama
Stahlberger – Du verwaschsch wieder nume i dinere Wonig
Jeans For Jesus – Estava yeah
Müslüm – Supervitamin
Kutti MC – Sunne
Love Motel – Square Gardens

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