Versatility of Kastinger universal holster :

– keep the main frame stitch and your thin-framed pistols (SIG P210, Colt 1911,…) and the smaller service pistols (Walther PP, Makarov,…) will have a nice fit.

– tear the thread away (a ten seconds operation) and your large frame pistols (Beretta 92, CZ75, SIG-Sauer P22x, Glock,…) will be at ease.

– you can even fit in a revolver, even if it’s not ideal – four inches barrels are the limit, the width of the cylinder is to be taken in account, and the position of the triggerguard relative to the barrel and the grip too. The biggest revolver I saw at home in a Kastinger universal holster was a Ruger GP100, and here are two borrowed S&W – the K-framed one is ok. If it were my revolver, and I intended to carry it that way, I would probably alter a bit the nylon with some simple sewing to have a perfect fit. On the other hand, a L-framed revolver is a no-go. I need to try my Manurhin MR93, which is big but quite flat.

That would make a perfect backpacking/hiking setup.

Yep. They are pretty great. Very durable, quite confortable, very polyvalent. And don’t forget than from any other position than standing in front of your target, the tanker holster is the quickest option available (in movement, sitting down, crouching, lying down on your back or your belly…).