One day, I will open a night club and dominating the dancing floor, there will be a discobole.


wynfrith hat auf deine Fotoserie geantwortet:

Border between Fribourg (Freiburg) and Vaud…

Kilometer or mileage? Or some other form of measurement?

That was my second hypothesis, but neither number make sense in that way (315 km or mi put you probably in France, Germany or Italy, and 1727 would get you to Poland, I believe). My third hypothesis was that was the date of erection of this milestone, but common sense would say that both side of the rock were done the same year, so… I have no idea. 

By the way, to understand the awful pun behind the choice of this Julie Depardieu’s cover of Patrick Hernandez, you have to know that in French, the word for milestone is borne.