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Tu viens de spoiler sans le savoir…

L’intérêt de ne plus suivre GoT c’est que je peux lire sans risquer grand chose les articles des sites de geek, au moins ils foutent la paix aux séries obscures que je regarde ;o)

To keep on with your google conversation: What are your favorite movies from the 80s?

To be honest, if I’m looking in my top 50 movies of all times, there are two big periods I’m into : mid-sixties to late-seventies, then mid-nineties to 2010. If I think eighties music is unfairly seen as empty-headed new-wave or hungover post-disco, I can’t really say I like a lot this period cinema. In fact, I had to search long and hard to find ten titles I can vouch for (in no particular order):


The Breakfast Club

Mauvais sang

Red Dawn

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

– Blade Runner

Papy fait de la résistance

– Tenue de soirée

– Blue Velvet

– Drugstore Cowboy

They Live!

And as bonus, First Blood, because :

David Morrell says that in choosing the name Rambo he was inspired by “the sound of force” in the name of Rambo apples, which he encountered in Pennsylvania. Peter Gunnarsson Rambo
sailed from Sweden to New Sweden (SE Pennsylvania/Southern NJ/Northern
Delaware) in the 1640s, and soon the name would flourish in New Sweden.
Today, many of his descendants can still be found in this region of the
US. Morrell felt that its pronunciation was similar to the surname of Arthur Rimbaud, the title of whose most famous work
A Season in Hell, seemed to him “an apt metaphor for the prisoner-of-war experiences that I imagined Rambo suffering”.[8]
Furthermore, an Arthur J. Rambo was an actual U.S. soldier in Vietnam,
but he never returned. His name can be seen on the Vietnam War Memorial
wall in Washington, DC. By sheer coincidence, the Japanese word “rambō”
(乱暴) means “violent” or “rough”. He was granted the first name “John” as
a reference to the song “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again”.



replied to your photoset“14.6 km in about 2:40, hills, rainy.”

That last foto shows some crazy wind patterns. Y’all don’t get tornadoes like we do in Texas, nicht wahr?

Not to my knowledge. But I’m preparing for the snowstorms that will come back soon.


Everybody likes bunnies.