Dislocation – John Foxx & Louis Gordon
Subterranean Omnidelic Exotour

Running down an empty street
Perhaps it was a railway station
Smell of eau de cologne
The sound of a celebration

Oh, oh, oh, dislocation
Oh, oh, oh, dislocation

Just a swimmer growing dimmer
In the glimmer of a summer
Waving gladly, swimming madly
Never never going under

Oh, oh, oh, dislocation
Oh, oh, oh, dislocation

The sun was going down one quiet evening
Someone came into the room while I was half-asleep
We spoke for a while, I couldn’t see his face
Later on when he was gone, I realized I didn’t catch his name

Oh, oh, oh, dislocation
Oh, oh, oh, dislocation

Oh, oh, oh, dislocation
Oh, oh, oh, dislocation

Oh, oh, oh, dislocation
Oh, oh, oh, dislocation

Oh, oh, oh, dislocation

Just a swimmer growing dimmer
In the glimmer of a summer
Waving gladly, swimming madly
Never, never going under

There is no better song to begin this week.




Orchestr Josefa Vobruby – Preludium cis moll
Gérard Manset – Et toutes choses
Noblesse Oblige – Hotel California
Jacco Gardner – Another you
Queen – Teo torriatte (Let us cling together)
Björk – Lion song
10cc – I’m not in love
Metronomy – Monstrous
The Beatles – While my guitar gently weeps
The Shins – The Past and pending
Jean-Pierre Castaldi – Le Troublant témoignage de Paul Martin
Sophie Hunger – Die ganze Welt
Alan Vega – Lonely
Colin Bluntstone – Though you are far away
Peter Gabriel – The Book of love
Guy Skornik – L’Île de Pâques
Jeanne Balibar – Rien
Arne Vinzon – Lente dépression (version japonaise)
Fugazi – I’m so tired
Jean-Louis Murat – L’Almanach amoureux
Pierre Cavalli – Un soir chez Norris
Percey Sledge – At the dark end of the street
Pet Shop Boys – Love is a bourgeois construct
Puts Marie – Pornstar
Lina – 27 millionen Typen konnen nicht irren
Simian Disco Mobile – Sleep deprivation (Club mix)
The Weeknd – Can’t feel my face
Susanne Blech – Wir werden alle nicht Ernst Juenger
Oppenheimer Analysis – The Devil’s dancers
The Vaccines – Maybe I could hold you
Les Idées – Leçon de choses
Vicky Leandros – N’y pense plus… tout est bien

A cool and soft Soundomy of love songs, to close the year and hope for the best. Just do not rise your expectations too high, you might be disappointed.

133′13″ – mp3 – 209.8 Mo [download link]


The Dumplings – Betonowy Las. This videoclip appeared in my contextual playlist on Youtube. I went for the concrete buildings and I stayed for the quite good Polish electropop. I have strictly no idea what this song is about, but if you like The Knife or Jeans For Jesus, you won’t be lost.

Note that the keyboard player got a tumblr, @ipnops.





Love Is A Bourgeois Construct – Pet Shop Boys.

The Pet Shop Boys have at long-last collaborated with über-producer Stuart Price (The Killers, Madonna, Scissor Sisters) to make “Electric”, one of the most infectious dance records since “Confessions On A Dance Floor”.

“Love Is A Bourgeois Construct” takes lyrical inspiration from David Lodge’s 1988 novel “Nice Work” and sets it to the major theme from Henry Purcell’s 1691 opera “King Arthur”. The effect is a fresh earworm for the 21st century, showing that, even 25 years after “Left To My own Devices”, PSB still have the ability to make achingly gorgeous dance music about the frailty of our small little lives.

Contributed by @orchidhunter.

this is the greatest song of all time

Talking tough and feeling bitter
but better now it’s clear to me
that love is a bourgeois construct
so I’ve given up the bourgeoisie

While the bankers all get their bonuses
I’ll just get along with what I’ve got
Watching the weeds in the garden
Putting my feet up a lot
I’ll explore the outer limits of boredom
moaning periodically
Just a full-time, lonely layabout
that’s me


My mood today : an paleoelectronic remix of Sœur Sourire’s Dominique by Telex over a clip from Federico Fellini’s Roma. Because Catholic church may have a lot of troubles and be sometimes severely disappointing, but it’s still a cool institution.