What’s the deal with the blue cotton shirts that people wear in Schwingen? Every man in my family seems to own one.

Dear anon, before all, thanks for your question.

These kind of shirt are armaillis/Senner traditional shirts, and by extension became a sort of uniform for Swiss farmers.


They’re available almost everywhere, from tourist traps for a huge lump of money to Landi supermarket for about CHF 25.-

On the reason all the men of your family are wearing the armailli’s shirt :
a. they’re Swiss farmers ;
b. they like Swiss traditions (and may practice competitive Swiss wrestling/ shooting/fondue eating/Hornussen/Steinstossen, among other sports) ;
c. they like traditional, no nonsense, solid garments for work and/or sport ;
d. they are leaning politically toward UDC/SVP ;
e. they misunderstood and are quite enthralled that famous italian designer Giorgio Armailli made a very Swiss collection for this winter ;
f. some or all the above.

(I’m b. & c., tag yourself) #ranzdesvaches

Hoping I have been of some help in your questioning.


It’s not I’m colorblind, I just don’t care 




mewgaroo hoodie

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Various Soviet-occupation era Polish Army uniforms. I like the raindrop pattern of the first one, the PM-63 holster of the second one, and the crocodile-skin pattern of the third one.


It’s time to bring back the antebellum Polish Army officers swag. Pelyrina sukienna wz. 36.