Questions Round 2

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Do you like seeing pictures from your childhood?

There are not a lot of surviving pictures of young me floating around, but mostly yes.

What book/s are you currently reading?

I’m trying to finish Bain’s Culture on my e-reader in order to going back to Ellroy. I’m listening to Correia’s Monster Hunter Vendetta , and I’m working on Blondin’s L’Europe buissonnière for a special project. I’ve posted my reading schedule, but I’ve got an immense backlog because reading got a lot of competition (Tumblr, tv shows, sport…). I’ve got also an emergency treebook, Ernst Juenger’s Héliopolis.

Do you like buying souvenirs in trips? If so, which is the favorite that you own?

No. I like to take pictures, instead :












But I like to come back with a few cheap gifts for the people that have to endure me on a daily basis.

Do you drive? If you don’t, why? and if you do, do you enjoy it?

Yes. I’m driving for twenty years in October. I’ve got bad eyesight, I’m poorly coordinated, but I’m really careful on the road, on the verge of hypervigilence, and it saved my life several times. I was very stupid on the road when I was younger – driving excessively quickly agressively in very little and unsafe Italian cars, but now I don’t really care about driving, to be honest. Most of the time, it’s a chore, but I like the feeling of freedom associated with having a car at my disposal when I need it. Having commuted for almost four years over 120 km a day (in a really, really awful car, to add insult to injury), I’m really glad to have the option today to just waking up early and go to work by feet.

What is your favorite meal of the day?

Depend. It’s only a year I’ve got back to normal human life rythm. In the absolute, lunch, because it involves generally meat.

Do you prefer black or blue ink? (or any other color maybe?)

In the absolute, I prefer to write in black, because it’s just more elegant. But it’s a big no-no for GMP, so I adapted and I’m using blue ink 90 % of the time. I’m mostly into dark blue ink, and I like (but don’t use it anymore) purple ink, because it reminds me of the writing exercises with a Sergent-Major dip pen. The school I was at this time was probably one of the last in French to teach kids calligraphy in Writing 101, and I think I went there the last year they did that (just after, the Socialists won the election in France and began to fuck education up). This is why I’ve got a very nice handwriting (if I put some effort in it – in fact, I’ve got five type of handwriting I’m using for their different legibility, elegance or speed).

By the way, my favourite pens are Caran d’Ache 849, Pilot Pluminix, Uni-Ball SN-220 and Uni-Ball Eye Micro UB-150, all in their blue ink variant.

For how long have you been on Tumblr and did you ever think of closing your account?

I had to go to my archive to answer this one, so it’s four years. I tried it in 2009, but I didn’t really liked it and I think it was in direct competition with my other social mediums and self-heberged blogs. Closing my account ? Everyday, of course. I didn’t really like when something have a little success in my life, it’s a sure sign it’s going to be a burden and going to fail.

A song/album/artist that you’ve been listening to a lot lately.

I’m listening a lot of Chopin work, Bach’s Goldberg Variations (by Gould and van Asperen) and Oui-Oui’s Chacun tout le monde.

Would you rather live in a an apartment or a house and in which do you currently live?

I don’t care. I’d really like to have my own tiny house or a nice bunker, but I’m poor, so I live in a flat.

Do you like cooking? If so, what is the best dish you consider you do best?

Not really. It’s one of the reason I’m eating so badly. I can do a mean carbonara. A false one, indeed, like we do it in France (the one with crème fraîche, lardon and all the kind of fat you can find – olive oil and egg yolk for the pasta, and fry cooking the pork in butter before adding the cream and fat Swiss cheese).

Do you think you’ll be friends in ten years with the same people you’re now friends with?

I’d really like to, but I’m kind the opposite of an Island in the Stream. I’m more of a flaperon in the Ocean. I have a lot of trouble investing in any kind of relationship. In the end, we all die alone, so what’s the point ?

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