Spyderco Pacific Salt vs. Fred Perrin La Griffe SNSM [knives] [edc]



New cool Douk-Douk : the Vendedouk is an hommage to the classic knife of Corsica, the Vendetta. It was designed by Fred Perrin and it’s the first true strong departure from the original model.

It got all the advantages of the Douk-Douk, since he’s still very flat, strong and sharp as a razor with its carbon steel blade. It’s also very ergonomic. It’s a lot of knife for such a cheap price.

The other one looks much more like a normal Douk-Douk. It’s Fred Perrin engineering that makes all the difference – since the Douk-Douk don’t have a lock, only a very strong spring to avoid the blade closing, it got the idea of making a tiny transformation to the handle. 

With a small hole and a pin (that stay attached to the handle through an elastic cord), the Douk-Douk is instantly made a temporary fixed-blade knife.

A collection of Douk-Douks

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