C’est une pyramide 1k. Welcome to all my new followers, I’m really glad to have crossed this symbolic threshold thanks to you.

I really hope this perfect blend of bad puns, pieces of Switzerland, street art, sculptures, guns, cars and music will keep you entertained for a long time.

Remember that it’s not because I’m shy that I don’t interact with people.


I saw  a recapitulating tool for tumblr, at simplymyview. The funny thing is I statistically seldom post pictures of my guns – I post mostly about Switzerland, street art, cars, sculpture, architecture, BeNeLux, cinema or music. Anyway, thanks to cerebralzero, lvnbrg, themazette, alte-hase, unsisypheheureux, backfromcamden, wynfrith and jeep42willys for being amazing followers and providing this stupid blog so many notes ! And sorry for all the bad puns*.

*I’m not really sorry. Happy end of this year !