Volk on the Wild Side


So today was my official first bike-to-work day of the year, and it was obviously a disaster. I had to to fight heavy frontal winds in the hills, and I didn’t really worked these pesky bike muscles during the six-month winter (last B2W was in November, IIRC), so I really thought I was going to die, and it took me more than half an hour to bring my organism back to rest. 

Here’s my rig : a Princeton Tec Corona frontlight, a Petzl Nao on the head and a Petzl Tikka+ flashing red on the back. 

I think I will come back to my Wolverine backpack.

My plan for the moment is to keep a 2/3 walking 1/3 biking rythmn in order to stay in shape.


Opel Corsa. I generally don’t like Opel, but I have a soft spot for A and B generations of this car.


I thought my phone was broken when it told me it was snowing at 5 AM. Of course it didn’t stay, but I’m seriously not in the mood to walk to work under icy cold hard rain.