MAS 36 C.R.39 (I presume C.R. is for Crosse repliable, “Folding Stock”), a shortened MAS 36 that didn’t make it in time to participate to WW2 but saw some use in the hands of French Batallion of UNO in Korea and in colonial wars of Indochina and Algeria. Because of the lack of alternative, it was reissued as a survival carbine for French jet fighters pilots during the First Gulf War in 1990.

This rifle got some very clever design imputs, but one of the drawback of using a full-size battle rifle ammunition in a short barrel and a rather light firearms was the recoil’s sharpness (especially for short-frame indigenous troops in Indochina). 

It was often discarded for US M1 Carbine especially in cold climate (the contact of the aluminium stock on the skin being less than nice), and it was replaced as a paratroopers compact gun by MAT 49 SMG.