Vald – Selfie. I can’t post the erotic version since Vevo is blocked in Switzerland, and I won’t post the pornographic version of the clip [highly highly NSFW, except if surfing Pornhub at work is not a big deal] neither, but I love the concept. As a BDSM love song, it echoes classic like Serge Gainsbourg’s Love on the Beat, Boris Vian’s Fais-moi mal Johnny or Brigitte Fontaine’s Dévaste-moi. #nikitabelluci


I was so destroyed by this end of workweek and that awful Saturday I just crashed today. I’ve got hundreds of things to do before the end of the year, but I’ve just began an old Heinlein novel and otherwise mostly laid down in my tent, drinking tea and browsing Youtube channels like Davide Cironi or Seen Through Glass. I’ve also listened to a ton of old French and German hip hop tunes. 



IAMLe Côté obscur. From an old Les Inrockuptibles sampler, it was the original version of what would become L’Empire du côté obscur. I heard some people were interested in Star Wars, so maybe some will like this piece of memorabilia ante-Jar Jar Binks.

Un Pilot V5 en tant que sabre laser


Jestem artysta – I’m an artist.