I’m glad to see that Observer is ready and is making a positive buzz in Swiss media, which are rather hoplophobic nowadays.

It’s basically an integrated bullets-counter in a magazine, and it’s available for most common service handguns on the market (SIG-Sauer, Beretta, Glock, CZ…). HK is not in the list, and I’m pretty sure people buying those kind of pistols would like this little gadget, and P220 Swiss military service pistol (I suppose because of the location of the magazine release).

It may be a solution to a non-existent problem, but it’s a very elegant and technical one. For those thinking around USD 200 for a magazine is steep, a new magazine from SIG costs around USD 120 those days.

I really hope they will amend trigger discipline in their presentation pictures. Via NR.

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Something is wrong in this country when kids playing war got a police intervention and are sent to tribunal (from 20 Minutes Romandie edition, 2013-07-12).