Today’s walking was blessed by a very nice and tempered weather. (2015-07-09: 14 km in 2:45, with a cumulated ascension of 192 m, mostly hills). 

I found a cool feather for my French slouch hat model 1949. I hope it’s from a cool bird of prey, like a hawk, but it’s probably from something lame like a flycatcher or a jackdaw. 


Asp. Georges Fleurot, killed in action at Claire and Song Cam river junction (Tonkin) in 1947, and obviously alte-hase‘s doppelganger.


The song I’m listening to on loop, Le pays que Dieu a oublié (The Godforsaken country), by La Souris Déglinguée. A song about Vietnam, its wars and its warriors, very nostalchic.

I liked that Tai Luc seems to cry at the end of the second line of the song.

The country God forgot is my father’s country

Soldiers dying there in this fucking war

Just before being killed in some paddy field

Were writing to their mothers :

« Mummy, I’ll go to Heaven, since this country is Hell »


The smaller M60 machine guns chime in again as they soldiers pour thousands of rounds into the hillside. The sniper was never found, though soldiers did discover traces of blood when they searched the area the next day”

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