OK. I won’t even discuss about Scottish Fonzy straight out a gay magazine from the fifties, but :

– do we really need some kind of alphabet soup for breakfast ?

– is “added nonsense” a legal term for the food industry ?

– does “added nonsense” gives cancer ?

– why does the bear silhouette wear a modesty fig-leaf ?

– did the designer forget to take off the “bear” stickers on his project or was he worried people would confuse it with, for exemple, Tony the Tiger ?

– and, last but not least, do you know that in French, “bites” means “cocks” ?




And at night, they get out of the liquor cabinet and stab you in the throat while you sleep


Migros is celebrating his famous Sea Lion ice-cream whose packaging was designed by Hans Uster.


Bilderbuch feat. Dendemann – Softdrink. I don’t understand why this is not the theme song of the last James Bond movie, since it got everything you need : product placement,  lascivious women and glamourous music. 

Du prickelst so soft!
Süßes sei soft zu mir!
Eiskalt und so soft!
So fresh und so soft!
Es perlt an deiner Haut
Also mach dich auf!


In Italia you can buy weirdly genderized and adult chips, pop-corn flavoured candies, very creepy popcorn, hare, boys eggs and Kinder surprises in eggs boxes.