I presume this is Soviet counterpart to Col. Cooper First Rule of Gun Safety – all guns are always loaded.


Three generations of Soviet suppressive fire. Degtyaryov machine gun and Degtyaryov tank machine gun (DPM), RPD, and PK.


Either a training Kalashnikov bayonet or a Soviet sex toy #kinky


Chinese semi-auto AK in 5.56×45, with Kastinger universal sling.


bling AK



“No metal is illegal”, in relation with the stupid news of this morning.

In addendum, I was ready to explain how gun control is dangerous for innocent people, but then I realized I was talking about a politician, and a Tory one nevertheless.

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wynfrith replied to your text post :

I loath the AK short LOP, and no precision. SNR AR would be nice but for weight a small SMG would be best for me.

Most of those SMG (apart maybe for the Steyr TMP/B&T TP9 and the CZ Skorpion – the old one, I don’t know about the new one) are gun-shaped anvils that not only outweight a lot of good carbine alternative (like the Beretta Cx4, Ruger Mini-14 or the US M1 Carbine) but even some light rifles like AR15 or AK74. For exemple, the best battle rifle of its time, MAS 49/56 weighed only 10 oz. more than its SMG binome, MAT 49.

A quality-made AKM maybe is ugly and has the ergonomics of a safe, but it is accurate enough than most people can’t exploit all its potential, at least at normal shooting distance – over 300 meters, I admit a modern rifle would be more user-friendly, but nothing than good fundamentals can’t overcome. I’m pretty sure most of the “can’t hit the broad side of a barn at 30 yards” reputation of the AKM come from the way a lot of people use it (covering behind a wall and droping mags in full auto without aiming) – the same could be told about the legend of the anemic .30 M1 (which gives your target a very pleasant massage over 100 yards, it should be classed a less lethal ammunition, or could be a good alternative to .25 ACP if you listen to some people).

Did you try the Beretta carbine ? They’re a bit costly for a plastic-gun but they are surprisingly nice to shoot. And you can adorn black fatigues and pretend being a BSG space guard 🙂