wynfrith hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet“It’s probably because I’m French, but “Moms demand action” sounds like…”

For being French-Swiss your commentary on America is strangely accurate.

For the better or the worse I’m exposed to a lot of American culture. By the way, we have the same kind of weasels here.


The boat elevator of Strépy-Thieu is so monumental it looks like some contraption in a Ridley Scott terraforming movie.


I was biking (and baking under the hot sun of the afternoon – yeah, I know, I complain when it’s raining, I complain when it’s sunny, I have a very specific ideal weather which is very rare where I’m leaving : dry cold+sunny, but I digress) from work, and for some reason, I remembered that little clip from François Girard’s Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould, a movie I saw when I was still a teenager and influenced me a lot, especialy the Leaving part. I think it’s truely speaking to my heavily analogic personality, and explain probably my taste for tacky, old American cars (that radiator grill ! the dieselpunk turning signals ! the folding shutter over the lights !). Anyway, if you don’t care about my sense of aesthetic, you will enjoy this Sarabande from Bach’s Suite française  -No. 1.


He that is without sin among you, let him first cast the Rock at her.



The Final Derriere – Sparks (2015)

Nearly laughed my derriere off watching The Forbidden Room at the Trylon last night–funny, moving, disturbing, confusing, and dazzling– without a doubt the most original and impressive move released in the past year.

Why this wasn’t nominated for Best Original Song is beyond me. A phantasmagoric musical sequence starring Udo Kier as a man obsessed with bottoms and featuring a special appearance from nominee Charlotte Rampling–would’ve blown Sam Smith out of the water.

Evan Johnson and Guy Maddin are madmen making some of the most important cinema experiments today.

Since we are on the Udo Kier subject, I discovered this morning, while waiting for half a dozen of music albums to transfer to my phone, both this wonderful fetishist song – The Final Derrière – and this movie – The Forbidden Room, movie that seems to be a fair contender to The American Astronaut for the title of best movie of all times. I’ll tell you more after watching it.