Victorinox Pioneer X. It just replaced my Victorinox Stayglow Huntsman as my EDC knife.


Sür Mene , Dövme Bıçak Sanyi

Made in Türkiye

It was a gift from grandpa and has seen better days.

Very nice !

johnhunter hat auf dein Foto geantwortet“Can you identify this knife? I bought it from a merchant in Lucerne….”

Thank you. It only says “ROSTFREI INOXYDABLE M.i. GERMANY” I almost got it for free. Pictures of the stamped knife are coming right now.

If it came from Solingen, it’s possible the steel is not that bad and could be salvageable to be used as a cheap EDC. I have horror stories with cheap Italian or Chinese folding knives in my youth (once, when I was in the Navy, a friend of mine tried to open a bottle of wine with a SAK chinese copy. The corkscrew lost against all odds and against the cork. We discovered that all the metal pieces of the “knife” were made in nickel-covered bronze instead of steel).


Can you identify this knife? I bought it from a merchant in Lucerne.

Is there any marking on the blade ? My hypothesis, since it’s not one of these Camillus utility knives made for US Army or USMC, is that is only one of those cheap Chinese (alt. German, Italian or Spanish, if it’s way older) little “souvenirs” knives with a fantasy branding. As far as I can tell, it has no value apart from its utilitarian capabilities. But I like the bronze pressed/engraved folding knife just behind, you should post some pictures of it.



Best fucking nice birthday present ever. Tanks @laurentbelkacem

;o) This Kloezli Walker 05 is a piece of art #schweizerqualitaet


This steel blue* 2015 limited edition Victorinox Pioneer is of great beauty. I impulse bought it, and I don’t regret that, even if I will quickly ruin its collector value by EDCing it. I almost want to buy another black Pioneer to complement it.

*yes I know



We may have lost David, but we can always count on Street Bowie.

On a peut-être perdu David, mais on peut toujours compter sur Street Bowie.


The 2015 limited edition Victorinox aloxes are very sexy in that shade of petrol blue. I just feel dumb to discover them only now.