I was getting to upload extracts from the 2011 remake of Footloose and from Mauvais sang, because the first time I saw Footloose, I was struck by the choice of The White Stripes’ Catch Hell Blues for the mad dance scene in the warehouse, and it reminds me strongly of [Denis Lavant audacious dance over Modern Love]. So I sample both movies, and then I realize that Kenny Wormald was as cheesy as Kevin Bacon, without the excuse of the catchy but stupid song he was crashing around in the original movie.

So, instead of prancing boys over good music, I’ll chose this rather hypnotic, quarter-an-hour long, video of an Italian cheesemaker explaining how to break a big wheel of Trentino cheese, courtesy of Boing-Boing. Because apparently, you don’t cut the cheese. You break it, like a horse.