It’s time to bring back the antebellum Polish Army officers swag. Pelyrina sukienna wz. 36.


alte-hase replied to your photoset“The other G43.” 

That mannequin’s a fashion disaster… US double-buckle boots? Tropical pattern canteen? Trousers of indeterminate origin?

Are you saying they put the dummy back in showroom dummies?


Coralie Vogelaar & Hendrik-Jan Grievink, History is ours (2013). Printed t-shirts for Te[ch]x(t)iles at MUDAC of Lausanne. [design


It’s strange what 40 years have done to the Tenue Léopard.


I need to buy new shirts. Montreux shop, photo by René D. #gunblueisthenewblack #mq31



Dressing For the Drones

Are you a revolutionary with an eye for fashion ? Well here’s your chance to be the first demonstrator in your activist cell to wear the all-new and very fetching ‘Anti-Drone Hoodie’

The creator, designer Adam Harvey, claims that it will protect people from the snoopy thermal imaging systems of the surveillance drones that will be coming to a street near you very soon. He’s already designed a nifty purse for celebs that flashes back at paparazzi and spoils their photos.

Paranoid fantasy chic ? Well over the next 15 years the US Federal Aviation Administration anticipates more than 20,000 new drones will appear in American skies, owned not just by law enforcement agencies and the military, but also public agencies and private companies.

In the UK, several police forces are already experimenting with drones, and not just for thermal imaging. “They can be equipped with things called IMSI-catchers that will work out the mobile phone numbers of any people in a certain area,” explains Richard Tynan, research officer at campaign group Privacy International

“If police deploy these things for crowd control [people demonstrating legally, for example] there’s no issue with them figuring out every single person who’s in there and their mobile phone numbers. They can also intercept calls and send out false messages.”

Welcome to the brave new world of total surveillance and no privacy. At least we’ll have cool hoodies though.

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A nice Israeli toolbox to carry my #Samsung netbook @geromebouda @bretzelman #recyclage #mode