Charles Aznavour as a guest star in Lausanne’s Morrissey concert.


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I’m exercising, I’m doing chores, I’m…

Congrats !

This is Morrissey aftershock.


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The little camera that could is back !  Thanks to…

Comment t’ont-ils retrouvé ?

si j’ai bien compris, ils ont enquêté dans la région pour me retrouver (il y avait deux ou trois photos de moi sur la carte mémoire) mais sans
succès. Par contre, ils ont eu la bonne idée de poser une affiche à
l’endroit de la perte avec leur numéro de téléphone. Il se trouve que je ne suis pas passé par là pendant pas mal de temps, donc j’ai mis du temps à répondre. Mais en tout cas, c’est vraiment cool de leur part, j’avais marqué l’appareil dommage.


I’m so glad having been able to see Morrisey.

It was a great experience – I’ve read critics of the concert, some idiot complaining about the coldness of the assistance. Fuck, dimwit, this is Switzerland, what did you expect ? This is our national anthem*, after all.

So now I just have to find concerts by Bryan Ferry, Neil Hannon, La Souris Déglinguée and I would have seen all my teenage musical idols (still alive) on scene.

*no, not exactly, but it should be. Seriously. I wonder if I’m allowed to launch a public consultation about this very important matter ?


Glorious intro for How soon is now.

Capucine, or maybe you would say Capucine [kahpuhsseen], I don’t know, I say Capucine [kahpuhtscheen]. Nobody remembers Capucine ? No !!!! Noooo !!!!! Capucine lived in Lausanne and… she went to Hollywood… and she said… “this is shit”… and she came back to Lausanne… She fed catin ? Catin ? Cats ! She fed her cats and jumped off a balcony and… splat ! So… this song is for Capucine.

Sorry about the picture quality. And for some reason it uploaded sideway.


Ike & Tina Turner – Nutbush City Limits. One of the real cool tunes that were projected on scene before the begining of Moz’s show.

We’ve got also Leo Sayer’s slightly disturbing The Show Must Go On :

Bob & Marcia’s Young, gifted and black :

and finally Charles Aznavour’s Emmenez-moi :

I can only imagine this is what Morrissey is listening to on his yellow walkman.

One of my favourite 5 secondes of tonight’s show was, after he had presented all his musicians, Morrissey presented himself as Hilaire Belloc, of course.


When you listen to Moz, the silence that follows is still Moz.

I’m just back from Morrissey concert in Lausanne with @backfromcamden. To say it was great would be an understatement. It would be like to say the great blue heron is a big bird.

Tracklist was impeccable, his charisma would put Obama to shame, lightshow was wonderful. It should have been a 10000 spectators show, it’s a bit of a shame that organisators forgot to advertise the venue.


Got my Moz’ tickets for Sunday in Lausanne. I’m crossing my fingers so that concert doesn’t get last minute cancelled like last year.