So after toying with the Kel Tec PMR30, I had a chance to test it at the shooting range. It’s as probably as ugly and unreliable as myself, but still a nice gun. I think most of the troubles I got came from either the ammunition (it’s really really picky about it) or my grip (because my hands are rather large but short, I have that strange angled grip – one of the other consequence was the great difficulty to keep the muzzle down the target during manipulations).

Before this video was recorded, I shot without trouble half a magazine, then troubles began. I think it took me more than five minutes to shoot the last five cartridges.

Reliability troubles (and that’s a big no-go for a defensive handgun), and the loading of magazine aside, it could make an excellent gun for a big-handed woman since it lacks recoil, is very light, and with 30 cartridges in the magazine, got plenty firepower to treat an hostile target. For plinking, .22 Magnum is a cool cartridge to play with, traveling very flatly to the target, a big funny fire explosion at the barrel every time you shoot, and one of the best trigger I ever tried.


Daihatsu Move, Cully, 14.04.2012