The boat elevator of Strépy-Thieu is so monumental it looks like some contraption in a Ridley Scott terraforming movie.


Better 🙂

wynfrith replied to your photo :

What are you doing, folks?

I am watching When Hell Comes To Frogtown on YouTube. I shall post it later. It is a quirky fun b-movie.

I read the imdb. I’m quite afraid.


I’m watching Hudson Hawk for the first time and I can’t believe it took me so much time to do that. This movie is so great and campy (in a very Eighties way) that the only other flick I can compare it to is The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Just saw The Wind rises, the last Miyazaki. I really liked it, and give it a ten. A ten for a Zero.

If you like Japan, design and the Mittel-Europa onirism generally associated with Studio Ghibli, you won’t lose your time, I promise.

And yes, the movie is rather long and a bit slow, but the pace is steady and there is no time to be bored, unlike with those overblown chronic masturbators moviemakers à la Malik or Refn.