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I’ve only had a brief opportunity to shoot the MP5 (an MG an American friend owns) and loved it. Thought it was one of the slickest firearms I’ve ever handled. What didn’t you enjoy about it?

A lot of very nagging details, that changed what I expected to be the right choice in a very painful experience.

– it was a semi-auto. Maybe in full-auto the fun aspect would have obliterated the other things.

– the difficulty to check if one gun is effectively loaded or not – “was that last bullet on left or on right side of the magazine?”

– I didn’t like the ergonomics – I finished the day with bloodier hands that if I had chosen a very crude and rustic AKM

– the weight – I was expecting something lighter. Maybe not B&T TP9-light, but I didn’t feel the advantage over a Beretta Cx-4, a US M1 Carbine or an AK-74, particularly over a whole day. It’s obviously competitive over a SIG 550, but you trade that circa 1,5 kils of weight for good ergonomics, great realibility, better sights and a lot of accuracy.

– the A3 stock – the only stocks I like less are the one on AR15 (I can’t stand the cringing noise of the spring) and the one on B&T TP-9, because it tends to slap you a little. 

– the precision – it’s hilariously inaccurate (this could be the particular copy I was using,  but I’ve seen a lot of people at least as proficient with a Glock 17 than an MP5 at 100 meters range)

– and last but not least, the realibilty. Even if it was ok for most of the day, I’ve got the kind of catastrophic failures I’ve never thought of : I’ve got an entire cartridge that went from the magazine into the mechanism. I really don’t know how it’s possible, but we found it between the hammer and the bolt. For me, that day, it was the last straw.

I would take it over a Sten, maybe. And mostly because I’m more germanophile than anglophile. 😉