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1. All guns are always loaded / toutes les armes…

Don’t forget…“know your target and what lies beyond it”

I agree 100 % with you. To justify my choice not to include that part of the rule, it’s not canonical and, for me, it’s part of the commentary about the rule.

Song of a gun (1) – Des armes, une chanson de Léo Ferré interprétée par Noir Désir.

Guns, nice and glossy,

that you need to carress as for pleasure

that you need to clean often for pleasure

the other one, of which the little girls are dreaming

Guns, blue like Earth

Guns that you have to keep warm in the depth of the soul

In the eyes, in the heart, into a woman’s arms

Guns that you keep inside you, as if you keep a riddle

Guns in the days of hiding

Under the grass, in the sky, also on the paper,

Guns that make you daydream very late while reading

and put some poetry in the speeches

Guns, guns, guns,

and on-duty poets with fingers on the trigger

to put fire at the last cigarette

at the end of a french sentence

bright as a tear

The band is Noir Désir, whose singer is know for having killed his girlfriend in a drunken fistfight and the poem is by Léo Ferré, Monte-Carlo official’s anarchist. It’s mostly about bizarre sexual perversions, resistance to oppression and litterature.


wynfrith hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet“It’s probably because I’m French, but “Moms demand action” sounds like…”

For being French-Swiss your commentary on America is strangely accurate.

For the better or the worse I’m exposed to a lot of American culture. By the way, we have the same kind of weasels here.


wynfrith hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet: My favourite legal case ever : United States…

Netflix has a documentary film of it, if it is the case I am thinking of…

I was thinking something less of a documentary, but more of a very weird movie, beginning like a traditionnal courtroom drama but quickly evolving to David Lynch territories when an animated dinosaur skeleton will answer the questions of the public attorney.


Guess who still has two thumbs and was tasked to play with put away in their boxes all the exploding toys of AC/DC (I have really have to thank D. and J. for the excellent experience !) ?


After the Pentecost Mass, which we crashed with @descampsdavid for various reasons. I quite liked it, perhaps because I was still slighty drunk after a glass of Orval (for genetical reasons, I’m drunk really fast with the slightest amount of alcohol, but at soon I have reached that buzzed plateau, I can go on for liters and liters of various alcoholic beverages without much trouble), but mostly because the music was gorgeous, with a mad organist doing his best to improvise some incredible erotico-horrific giallo soundtrack but mastering Bach too, and a good choir compensating for the plastic garden chairs and the almost reformed nudity of the walls of the cathedral. If I were able to take communion, I would also have beneficiated from a plenary indulgence.


All the 42000 tickets of AC/DC’s Bern show were sold in less than thirty minutes. What an excellent day !