Le nouvel album de My Diet Pill envoie du bois. 


Joy of serendipity : the same day an old friend from Nice (and a pretty good photographer, too) reconnects with me, I got my very pretty My Diet Pill LP in the mail box (My Diet Pill is the best band from Nice, certainly from French Riviera and maybe from France) – and furthermore, I’ve got my Steve Egger comics. It’s funny because both albums were the counterpart of crowdfunding.


wynfrith replied to your video : I was awake soon enough to go outside to take a…

Cloud cover kept me from seeing it.

Same here, but it’s not really a surprise given my town is reputed for its cloud (and a pedo-rapist serial killer, but that has nothing to do with the moon or the weather).


The best French band singing in English from Nice, My Diet Pill give us a new very nice videoclip, French Riviera. Don’t forget their new album is out 2015-09-12 !

The release party will take place on 12 September 2015 at 20H, at the
Black Box, in Nice. And it’s FREE! The information is on this page:
If you are in the area, please share the event and invite your friends.
For all of you that live too far away, we will (really! And we mean it)
miss you and we wish we could tour more and play in your country. We’ll
try to film the concert for you guys!


My Diet PillThe Port. You too can help producing the best band from Nice‘s third album ! [in english] [en français] at kisskissbankbank.

As for our previous record which was released as a CD included inside a comic book that we have created, we wanted to repeat that experience of artistic collaboration and have therefore decided to share our songs with French photographer Roxane Petitier for her to illustrate with pictures in the booklet.

We are really excited to be able to present this new album to you!

We wanted not only to create a quality album, but also to give you a complete and rich product which we could be proud of. For that reason, we plan to release this 11 track album in a package including a 180 gram vinyl, a CD, a digital version and a booklet including all the lyrics and the pictures illustrating all the songs.

Find all the information on the project page and choose the reward you prefer amongst many possibilities. For example, with 25€ you get the package including the vinyl record + CD + download coupon + booklet with pictures and lyrics + your name in the booklet, with 100€ you get the same + several signed photo prints + unreleased songs + t-shirt, etc… Check it out now!

/! Early bird contributors: we have added rewards for the first contributors, you’ll get more for the same price. Pay attention 😉

On the project page, you can hear 3 of the new songs. The first single is called “The Port”. Here is the video, directed by Mathieu Giombini.