Little walk in the woods, about 6.5 km in 1h15, mostly hills. Perfect sweater weather (a perfect weather for gentlemanly leisure activities, like wandering in the woods, hunting mushrooms, or, if you’re in this kind of things, running in fuchsia, bright green and navy blue lycra tights or any kind of other technical* clothes – I’m not judging you, I just don’t understand) at the beginning, turning into a cold, Laurent-Boutonnat-video-for-Mylène-Farmer-like bitterly wet, if aesthetically pleasing, mist.

*the only thing technical a man should own is a rusty but trusty old Toyota pickup loaded with a perfectly maintained Browning M2 or its Soviet equivalent.


Desireless est un vieux monsieur qui synthétise Mylène Farmer, Bronski Beat et Maïté de la Cuisine des Mousquetaires dans un clip qui a été tourné rue Keller en 1998. J’aime bien, mais c’est juste mon côté vicieux.