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Volvo 66 DL. Like a car, but smaller. Designed by…

C’est chez moi ! A Lille pas à Amsterdam !

C’est juste, elle était garée près d’une fac. Je devais être fatigué quand j’ai fait le post…


I was thinking this morning how easily I could have been born German (some of my earliest memories are even located in Trier, its Porta nigra and its Landesmuseum, and I presume the fact I don’t mind wearing socks in sandals is some kind of atavism) and how great it would have been to read Ernst Juenger dans le texte, enjoy Ideal’s Erschiessen and being actually able to sing along without butchering the song with my French accent, wouldn’t have to work four hours a week on Duolingo, and still be confused by  Wallisertüütsch. 

But on the other end, I would have miss Arthur Rimbaud and Georges Brassens, which are both France’s greatest gifts to the world with radioactivity (which is in the air for you and me), rhum agricole, smokeless gunpowder,  and vaccines, and I would have been unable to butcher Thiéfaine at 14, not really understanding what he was singing about, but happy as a clam nevertheless.


If you’re bored and look for something stupid to watch, have a go with the wonderfully kitsch Gib Gas ich will Spaß, a Nena and Markus musical set in the Munich of the Eighties (expect some clashing colors that may fuck your monitor up, very bad acting and very disturbing haircuts). You don’t need to speak German to follow the story.


Ideal, my favourite Neue Deutsche Welle band, singing Blaue Augen.

Just your blue eyes make me so sentimental – they’re so blue

When you look at me like everything else I do not care – I couldn’t care less

Your blue eyes are phenomenal – it’s hard to believe

What I then feel is not normal