WTW 2015-11-23 – cold weather, very strong wind, part woods, mostly hills. 12 km in about 2:15.


BTW 2015-11-06 – very nice weather, another occasion to ride to work. About 17 km in a little more than an hour, mostly hills.




Since it is much more precise and reliable than a watch, I’m going for now to use the “running like Glockwork” expression. #punsandammo


I can’t even count them all.  Yours?

Ah ah no, we were about ten shooters this day. I don’t see a 26, but it should have been on the table. The 1911A1 was made in 1943 if I remember correctly – and the bottom Glock, with all the scratches, was a Gen1 with more than 100K rounds shots and only minor parts switched.


Back from Belgium. You know what that means? You’ll drown under pictures from Lille, Tournai, Mons among other location, but not before two weeks since there is still a lot of Switzerland in the stockpile.


« No metal is illegal », in relation with the stupid news of this morning.

In addendum, I was ready to explain how gun control is dangerous for innocent people, but then I realized I was talking about a politician, and a Tory one nevertheless.

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