I was going to buy this album. I really like Bach, the Goldberg Variations, and I like Tharaud even if he speaks a little bit like Édouard Baer caricaturing upper-class Parisians in existential crisis.

So I went to Amazon (.de, since it’s the branch we have to use as Swiss customers). I didn’t even scoff at the price for low-quality files and validated my purchase.  And then :


So it seems I need a German credit card to be able to download legally some MP3 from Amazon. If I want to buy the compact disc, my Swiss money seems to be good enough, but I don’t really want to have another piece of plastic in my flat, I only buy discs from my friends to support their art.

So I think I won’t need a credit card at all and will just switch off the “legally” in “download legally”. I tried, people, I tried.





Minimal technical library.

Of course, four-yearish later, it’s obsolete. I’ve got almost everything I need on my ereader or my tablet. I think that there are about 40-50 books still not digitized that I need, a problem that will be solved in 2017 at the latest.


I’m rebloging this because I have to admit I’m lacking material to post – I probably won’t have anything new to take picture of, apart from clouds, guns, snow and mountains (and it quickly gets old), for at least a week, and I’m still working on text posts (mostly about music, cinema, books and cars). I see that as a retrospectival interlude.

*makes grabby hands at that copy of Eumeswil*

But it’s in French… Do you want it in English [epub | mobi | pdf | txt] ?


We support criminals – the not at all outrageous ad for the pro-IP rights lobby.