Very early (and beautiful) Swiss Army Pistolet d’ordonnance 00 in 7,65 mm Parabellum. Made by DWM.


Brought home two new friends from Lausanne Gun Show. Can you guess their brand and name ?


Various police and military sidearms of the XXth Century. Military Museum of Wrocław.


FÉG PA 63, in luxury version. Because it’s well known that in communist societies, some animals are more equals than others.


FB MAG 98, a variant of the MAG 95 with an aluminium frame. Designed by Marian Gryszkiewicz, it seems it lost the Polish Army procurement competition for being a little bit too heavy, and they chose instead what seems to be the horrific love child of a Colt All-American 2000 and a Hi-Point JHP, the WIST-94.

Ok everyone, what is your favorite pistol?







Mine is the Beretta 92FS

Sig 226

Beretta 92FS

Smith and Wesson Model 10

S&W 686

If I had to pick, 1911. That said I own a sigP228 & will probably pick up a 92fs when I get a chance.

I hesitated for a whole second because those days I’m mostly using my SIG P210…

…but my heart belongs to my Beretta 71.


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Where’s the mag release for the P220?

At the heel of the pistol grip (which  is the correct location for a service pistol).


Can you tell at a glance which one is the P220, which one is the P226 ?


Wood & style : two Browning-system 9mm pistols, the manual-safety, single action, double-column magazine, rounded triggerguard FN GP 35 and the decocker-only, double action, single-column magazine, squared triggerguard SIG P220 (Swiss Army Pistolet 75). It’s not gun porn when it’s art.