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I thought you liked and used the 849 as your carry pen? Also over the long term a fountain pen with a converter and bottled ink will cost less. It is not disposable, bottled ink versus ballpoint refills ounce to ounce is no question of which is cheaper, plenty of inexpensive fountain pens that work well, and can customize to what ink and nib you prefer. Just a thought.

I like my old 849 like I like an old Mercedes 200 (123) – it’s a workhorse. But recent ones are not as well made, and honestly I’ve been dissapointed by a lot of recent Caran d’Ache products (the worse was the Alchemix…). But the Goliath ink cartridge is not up to date compared to the competition. What was still state of the art at the beginning of the naughties is feeling like a gritty Bic Cristal now, when you have so many inkgel, rollerball, pressured cartridges, etc. available. I really like both my Kaküno and Pluminix from Pilot, but they are not efficient writing tool when I’m outside, and certainly not GMP-approved.

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Mac Mini is what I want! How is it?

You’ll have to wait about a week to have a serious answer. I have it only for three days, and I only found the correct screen adaptator yesterday, and I’m working almost non stop till monday, when I’ll have the time to really play with it. I have three goals for it : scanning my old negatives, make another dropbox point and video editing (my current computer is driving me crazy). But the first impression is very good, it’s quite fast and it’s not as frustrating as iOS to use. (Note à mes lecteurs francophones : un point bonus pour vous si vous être capable de me dire pourquoi j’ai choisi Cayenne de Parabellum pour illustrer  cet article).



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“oh you wanted to install Marshmallow ? Please…


Indeed. Good news is that after I had checked each and every autorisation of each and every app on my phone, and uninstalled/reinstalled about half of them, most of the problems are gone. It seems one of the big problem was the overlay system, and especially my blue-light filter app (Twilight). I definitely have no more patience for this technological bullshit.


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I had the strange idea to activate this thing on…

D’après ton rythme cardiaque tu es mort. Désolé de t’annoncer ça comme ça.

Si seulement. En fait mon cœur se brise souvent (mais se répare très vite).


Due to the conjonction of several stupid reasons (the way my brain works with calendar time, a slight shift of my biological clock due to longer then shorter vacations than anticipated, summer hour change, my g-agenda failing to sync correctly at the end of March, and several other wrong factors that make me quite angry at myself), I just forgot (not exactly forgot) to go to work this morning. It’s not the best way to begin a day, since I normally take about 90 minutes to wake up and fifteen minutes later my boss called I was at the office, kickstarting brain and body with the help of concentrated cafeine and ibuprofen.

On the positive side, I just realized that even if I can take great measures to avoid unwanted company (living in a tiny village in the hills with more cows than people, waiting in the dark for people to go into their flats or outside, voluntaring for godawful tasks if it goes with the privilege to be separated from the herd, taking huge detour in the woods to skirt the lone walker on the path, driving at ungodly hours and stopping on the side of the road to let go the other car that is driving along so that I can have the whole way for me, etc.), I’m not that antisocial. I like to meet new people, just on my terms and in little amount at the time.