Quand on est habitué à une température moyenne annuelle de 7°C, passé 15°C ça devient tropical. D’ailleurs, c’est le moment où les problèmes reviennent : les gamins jouent dans les jardins en braillant comme des ânes en rut, les mouches reviennent, il y a plein de tracteurs sur les routes, et la boue, la boue, toujours la boue…


You may remember that I made a quick review of Caran d’Ache Alchemix ballpoint pen, but I never came back to it. To sum up, after about a month, I was very disappointed by this pen and its various little problems. In the end, I’d lost it and hadn’t any regrets about it (and being a working poor, the loss of any object over ten bucks is not something I take lightlly, usually). The last straw was of course the day mechanism got stuck and exposed the ballpoint outside the pen barrel.

That said, when I’ve discovered they had released an entry-level version of that pen, I was quite intrigued and decided to give it a shot. The fact that it took me about six months to discover they have a new proposition in their assortment tells a lot about the marketing power of Caran d’Ache.

The newish 888 Infinite is not a disposable pen, and at CHF 8.- is about half the price of a classic aluminium 849, which was the best ballpen in the world for quite a long time (it is getting slightly out-of-date because of the slow decline in production quality and the competition of Japanese cartridges for comfort of writing).

That price is, for me, in a sweetspot since it’s cheap enough that if I misplace or break it, I won’t lose sleep over that, but already costly enough that I will take care of it and watch it if I lend it (I don’t like to lend my pens, I’ve had too many pens stolen in the great pen wars of the various offices I worked in – one of my favourite tactic was to have the brightest neon pink pen available so that nobody would be interested in it, but I digress).

The 888 Infinite is a very pretty pen, with a streamlined profile that would not had been out of place in the Fifties. The barrel is made of colorful plastic (mine is a bit dull in navy blue, but I like it that way, and it was also the last one available in the shop – but I would not mind getting the pink, orange, yellow, green, powder blue and gray versions). The fit and finish is really good, and to be honest, way better than the Alchemix one (while being about eight times cheaper). I really like the little detail of the hexagon at the basis of the clip (not that bad for a plastic clip, by the way, should be plenty durable if the user resists the tentation to play with it while bored), reminding of the traditional body shape of wood pencils and Caran d’Ache older pens.

Balance of the 888 is excellent, thanks to both its metal push button and tip ; the weight is perfect for me, allowing for comfortable writing for a long period of time.

What is really great about this ballpoint pen is the inkholder cartridge. I don’t know if it’s totally new technology, but it is a very smooth and refined writing implement, really on par with the Japanese competition – and even inkgel pens. Of course, it’s smaller than the traditional Goliath cartridges, so it will probably last less time. I can live with that in exchange of the bump in smoothness and regularity (and normal ink cartridges from Caran d’Ache are not that bad to begin with).

I’m using it since about two months now, and I’ve found only two problems with it.

The first one, that really throw me back and almost made me swear to avoid definitively the brand, is the mechanism needing a run-in. Seriously, Caran d’Ache, don’t you have a quality control good enough to catch that kind of problems ? So you have to know, that contrary to all (in my experience at least) other retractable pens, the mechanism needs about 100-150 usages to be reliable (meanwhile, the tip of the cartridge get stuck outside the barrel, or doesn’t go out). That’s really disappointing. After that run-in period, the mechanism is a joy to use, like in all metallic Caran d’Ache retractable pens.

The second one is not an immediate concern, but more about the long-term durability ; like in the Alchemix, Caran d’Ache took the road of screwing the metal tip on a plastic interface with the barrel. I don’t know what kind of tests the Genevese engineers submited the 888 to, but it’s obviously the structural weak spot of the pen. I don’t see my 888 breaking in my pocket for the next few months, but I have not a lot of confidence over that in a few years, since I can already see a little wear on the part (and I don’t play with it a lot). You may find it funny that I have such concerns for an entry-level pen, but considering that my 849 is older than some Tumblr users, and is still strong, I’d say I can appreciate good design. That kind of choice reminds me of the design of Audi V8 engine’s plastic guides for the timing chain, if you know what I mean.

Caran d’Ache with the 888 Infinite is at last proposing a very refreshing offer on the ballpoint pens market, and is catching up with the competition (against European cheap pens, and very technical American and Japanese ones too). It won’t break your budget, it’s very-very nice to use, and is more durable than previous Caran d’Ache entry level retractable ballpens. For two years now, Caran d’Ache has seriously disappointed me in various ways, and my writing tools were coming more and more from Japan (mostly Pilot and Uni). I’m glad I can tell again that my favourite pen is made in Switzerland.


I know I’m always complaining about the weather, but seriously, I’m slow cooking right now. #heatwave


I had at last the chance to examine this new style of Swiss banknotes, and I’m somewhat divided about it.
Of course, I don’t like changing for the sake of change, even if I can understand the reasons behind. I really like the current series, which is very well designed (my favourite still being the incredible 5th one, which was emitted between 1956 and 1980).
Putting my conservative bias away, I really like the feeling of the new paper, very solid and almost cardboardy (brand new, at least). It’s very colorful and with nice technological touches, and I suppose the whole new series will still conserve the practical design characteristics of the current one, so why not ?
In the end, two things are really irking me : the decision to get rid of people in favour of very consensual scenes on the banknotes – I will miss Le Corbusier, Giacometti and Ramuz, Ramuz with his Lavaux hills back… ; but most of all, I hate the ridiculous Green Giant hand holding the dandelion on the front of the note (seriously, I can live with the rest, but please amend the design and get rid of it – keep the dandelion, though).


October has came really early this year, and my walks to work are rather unpleasant under the cold rain of these two last days.

Anyway, not only my muscles ache, but it seems I have strained my optical nerve rolling my eyes too often while listening to two incredibly stupid podcasts, the first one with mystical royalists obsessed by Joan of Arc (“the Kingdom of France, etc.”, “Free-masons governing the country, etc., ”I only worship really obscure saints that you have never heard of, etc.“, ”you know, my really prestigious ancestor did, etc.“….), the second one with some leftist stuck in the Seventies talking about his new noir novel about the dictatorships in South America (“Her mother was tortured by the police while pregnant, so the girl was in utero tortured”…). For podcasts I normally like, this was really painful.



This is what CHF 400,000.-, in 5 cents coins, looks like. #15tons #rbi #revenudebase #grundeinkommen #scroogesyndrom

I’m sincerely for the universal basic income, given I, unlike most of my classical liberal friends, have more working poor friends than bankers or CEOs, and I really think that a non-arbitrary social safety net would be a lot better for our society than these stupid social allowances. 

I also see UBI as a way to get rid of really hard, stupid jobs with bad salaries while rewarding at last the volunteer work whose a lot of the benefits are going back to the formal economy.

But I took the time to read about the proposed implementation and the awful amount of taxation involved in that new system, and I just can’t, in whole conscience, support that proposition as it is presented for the 5th of June votation.


I was going for a joke comparing the fact I am shooting targets with my 9mm P220, and shooting landscapes and buildings with my 20mm lens (and not that good at both), but I’m too afraid that would provoke a shouting contest.
Anyway, this is my Panasonic Lumix GF-1, the main provider of pictures for this humble blog. It’s an excellent workhorse with huge battery life and an excellent lens (its luminosity is incredible) ; given that I’m not using 10% of its potential, Jeff is still able to make great pictures.
The only problem I see is I didn’t think to buy extra batteries when I got it, and now they aren’t available anymore, so I would have to put it down when the one I’m using will get tired. This is seriously one of the stupidest obsolescence situation I ever seen, since mechanically it’s still pristine and technical performance are sufficient enough for the kind of photography I practice. If anybody from Panasonic is reading this : please, go on making great tools, but for the sake of everything that is holy on this lowly Earth, please, please, please, stick to standards.

EDIT : the excellent @lvnbrg informed me in a comment about Patona brand (, maker of batteries clones that will save my beloved camera (but I’m quite sure the day I’ll have six extra batteries in my closet, I will clumsily drop Jeff on the ground and kill it for good).


Play the game of Bug or Feature with tumblr

1. Videos : no legend available with YT videos (and I suppose all kind of videos, but I post mostly YT videos to reply to someone, generally with a bad pun or a trying-to-be-witty-comment). That’s great. Because sometimes I post great songs because I love them, and sometimes, people think I’m just a Village People fan. Yeah !

2. Links :  I don’t really understand what is going on there. Links just disappear in the code of my tag page, in both case of edition from richtext or html. Funnier, in the app, links just don’t work, and when clicked on, instead of going to wanted tag, just return to my home page. On a related topic, “more” function seems to disappear in the app. The post is working correctly in my browser, either on the page or on dashboard ; but in the app, I’m messing with your life and your feed with that awful 200 items list that is only useful for people wanting to explore my tumblr. Yeah !

3. Search : apparently, only the five main tags of a post are registered and appear in the search bar. Which is not really a bad thing to explore a new blog, but I’d really like to have access to the alternative tags. I.e., “Jean Cocteau” is unknown to the app, while in the browser the search function provides most of the posts available about the Poet. Sad.

4. copy-paste of anything in the app is a game of Tetris, since everything I paste just go on top of the post. So when I need to copy a very long/randomized URL, I have to accomplish a very tedious mental gymnastic to build my post. That kind of gymnastic is said to be very good to present Alzheimer. Yeah !

5. one of my favourite beature, is when I’m browsing a blog in the app (because I’m always looking for new things to add to my dashboard), and whoops-a-daisy ! I’m back at the most recent post, on top of the page. Which is great since it’s a good way to stop wasting time on Tumblr. Yeah !


Sweden Is Upgrading to Private Healthcare

Sweden Is Upgrading to Private Healthcare