Sint-Willibrorduskerk in Wulpen with @descampsdavid


After the Pentecost Mass, which we crashed with @descampsdavid for various reasons. I quite liked it, perhaps because I was still slighty drunk after a glass of Orval (for genetical reasons, I’m drunk really fast with the slightest amount of alcohol, but at soon I have reached that buzzed plateau, I can go on for liters and liters of various alcoholic beverages without much trouble), but mostly because the music was gorgeous, with a mad organist doing his best to improvise some incredible erotico-horrific giallo soundtrack but mastering Bach too, and a good choir compensating for the plastic garden chairs and the almost reformed nudity of the walls of the cathedral. If I were able to take communion, I would also have beneficiated from a plenary indulgence.


A superhero flying under his cape ? A pretty lady Elf whose long golden hair is covering her whole body ? I guess we’ll never know.


entrapercu hat auf dein Video geantwortet:

Etienne Daho – En surface. That could be my hymn…

Je crois que je préfère la version avec Dominique A. En tout cas, une pépite de la catégorie “Sur la piste de “Je me chercherai un dieu pour tout me pardonner”“.

J’aime beaucoup la fragilité qu’apporte les petits trémolos de Dominique A, mais je reste un peu froid sur l’orchestration.