Tame Impala – Let It Happen (Soulwax Remix)

Belgium’s own Soulwax have come out of the woodwork to offer up their reworking of “Let It Happen”, another highlight from Tame Impala’s stellar Currents LP.

In Soulwax’s hands, “Let It Happen” is somehow even bigger. They’ve blown the song out so that it spans more than nine minutes, and they’ve beefed up the song’s funk elements, adding a strutting bassline and even more effects on Kevin Parker’s voice. It’s a big, rousing dance odyssey of a remix, and it feels way shorter than it actually is.

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This sound made my day. It’s rich and vulgar, fat and full of salt like some greasy french fries in a roadside friterie. #itsgonnafeelsogood

(since I’ve got an error message about that video, here’s the link to Tame Impala’s Youtube channel)


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Chillin’ in Chillon


J’ai décidé de faire mentir le proverbe qui prétend que là où il y a la CGN, y a pas de plaisir.


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Maures & Estérel : Mediterranean Sea and…

Superbe mais probablement trop chaud et sec pour moi.

Non, c’est juste la bonne saison, avant l’irruption du cagnard et des Hollandais.