So I’ve added now a French revolver to my collection of European guns. It’s not a Manurhin MR 73, but it’s exactly what a SIG-Sauer P220 is to a SIG P210 – an engineer creation, something rational, and probably the first vaporwave pistol, totally designed by computer : it’s a Manurhin MR 93 (so, @cerebralzero​, you were not that far of the solution).

As I told before, it can be seen as the epitome of French armory, that I-do-not-care-what-you-think-about-me-puffing-a-cloud-of-smoke-in-your-face posture that can be also found in FAMAS, MAS 49-56 or other excellent but strange, Citroën-like weapons. I tend to explain this original revolver as a gun-equivalent of the Citroën BX.

The system of interchangeable barrels and front-locking mechanism is not without reminding Dan Wesson revolvers, a lot of building technics come from the Ruger-Manurhin venture, but I was told it still got a MR 73-like barrel and cylinder. What was incredible was the manufacturing technics, allowing to produce a gun with parts so regularly and precisely made they almost didn’t need to be adjusted by hand.

The Morini grips are incredibly comfortable, they allow the shooter to point the revolver very naturally and instinctively.

Sights are very nice, big and visible. They are adjustable, which is a good point since I will mostly shoot .38 special wadcutters and only from time to time full-charge .357 magnum.

The very good point of the MR 93 is its trigger. Most Manurhin revolvers (but the MR 73) were plagued with Ruger-like triggers, very heavy and gritty. MR 93 go back to the roots of its prestigious big brother – the trigger is very, very, very nice. Is it better than my well-worn, pre-1973 Colt Cobra ? Of course not. But almost as nice. The only advantage of the Cobra over the MR 93 is its reset point, which is a bit longer on the French handgun.

It’s also not a very ordinary gun, since it was a total fail on the limited French market and killed Manurhin as a gun manufacturer.

It was too strange for revolver-guys, it was a revolver when wondernines were kings, it was too heavy and costly for a service/CCW revolver (a wooping 1200 grams empty and size between L and N-frames from Smith and Wesson ! – but that’s nice at the shooting range to absorb .357 Magnum recoil impulse), and last but not least, it was plagued with youth diseases (coming from the modulable system mostly, and ironed out with its fugly evolution, the MR 96).

I can’t find production numbers, but I would really be surprized if Manurhin managed to produce (and sell) more than one or two thousand of these strange beasts.

Some may find it ugly. I can assure you that in person, its pure computer-generated lines are very pleasing to the eye (and the hand), and it’s probably one of the classic guns of the late XXth Century.


roguemechanic hat deine Fotoserie gerebloggt :

So I’ve got my new pistol this afternoon, and for…

Desert Eagle.

But I don’t like AR-15… you’re not even trying.

More hints : 

– it’s not an American revolver, but it got ties with the Dan Wesson and the Ruger double action revolvers family,

– not a Manurhin MR 73 

– but in a way, is a FAMAS’ distant cousin. 

I can’t tell you much more before giving you the solution.


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A Colt but what model I am not sure.

There is a Colt in this picture but this is not my new gun

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You are wrong, this is a FAMAS even I can see…

‘Cause everybody knows
(She’s a famas fatale)
The things she does to please
(She’s a famas fatale)
She’s just a little tease
(She’s a famas fatale)
See the way she walks
Hear the way she talks

Good try, but nope.




So I’ve got my new pistol this afternoon, and for the moment, I’m delighted. Can you guess what it is (hint : this is not a FAMAS) ?

Please tell me that is a Manurhin MR 73.

That would be awesome.

A MR 73 (either with 3″ or the classic Gendarmerie  5″1/4 barrels) is one of my goals, but I’m a working poor and their price is too high right now (but when I was in my twenties, MR73s were available in France for about 500-600 bucks in pristine state. Where is my time travel machine ?).


So I’ve got my new pistol this afternoon, and for the moment, I’m delighted. Can you guess what it is (hint : this is not a FAMAS) ?




I was working on this mixtape to follow on Bowie’s birthday. Sadly, I learnt the terrible news this morning, so it’s now more an hommage than an exploration.


(David Bowie live at Webley)

David Bowie – I’m deranged (Lost Highway OST edit)
David Bowie – Maid of Bond Street
David Bowie – Five years
David Bowie – Modern love
Isabelle Adjani – Beau oui, comme Bowie
David Bowie – Boys keep swinging
David Bowie – Panic in Detroit
David Bowie – Friday on my mind
The Divine Comedy feat. Yann Tiersen – Life on Mars
Seu Jorge – Changes (The Life Aquatic OST)
David Bowie – The Man who sold the world
David Bowie – This is not America
David Bowie – Cat people
David Bowie – Hallo spaceboy
David Bowie – Little wonder
David Bowie – The Width of the circle
David Bowie – She’s got medals
David Bowie – Little Bombardier
David Bowie – Space Oddity
David Bowie – I’m deranged (reprise)

MP3 / 136 Mo / 83′36″ – download link


K. got herself a new pet. It’s a 1973 Czolt Czobra, in better shape than mine. It will be the perfect companion for her first-gen ČZ 75.




Brought home two new friends from Lausanne Gun Show. Can you guess their brand and name ?

Some sort of Colt .38 and a PPK?

Some sort of Colt .38 is validated and almost a PPK ;o)


Various police and military sidearms of the XXth Century. Military Museum of Wrocław.