I hope in a near future someone will take a Tesla S’ chassis and adapt it for the bodywork and interior of one of these Rolls-Royce Phantom. I would love to see that old lady go from 0 to 60 in less than four seconds. #porteavionnucleaire


 Corniche in Fribourg


A Rolls-Royce in Romont


If I could keep only one carspotting experience, this would be probably the one. Rolls-Royce Phantom VI (I think) in Bruxelles. I’m glad to end this Bruxelles serie on this high note.

Soundomy ! 302 – I’ve got a Rolls-Royce ’cause it’s good for my voice

A car-themed mixtape that complete Soundomy ! 76.

Soundomy ! 076 (A SATANIC MECHANIC MIX) 

01. David Bowie – I’m deranged (Edit) 

02. Duran Duran – The Chauffeur 

03. Laurent Voulzy – Jaguar 

04. Janis Joplin – Mercedes-Benz 

05. Les Brochettes – La Plymouth 

06. Ludovic Triaire – Aston-Martin 

07. Vive La Fête – BM double V 

08. Danny Gatton & Robert Gordon – Red Cadillac & a black moustache 

09. Vanessa Paradis & Les Little Rabbits – La Mustang 

10. Ideal – Roter Rolls-Royce 

11. David Bowie – I’m deranged (Reprise)

35.0 Mo / 38’18”(MP3)

Soundomy ! 302

Kavinsky – Testarossa autodrive

Serge Gainsbourg – Ford Mustang

Hot Chips – Playboy

Paradis – La ballade de Jim

The Divine Comedy – Your daddy’s car

Serge Gainsbourg – Melody

24.8 Mo / 27’11” (MP3)


Okay, no you stop everything you’re doing, and you take thirty minutes to watch (and listen) Serge Gainsbourg’s masterpiece, Histoire de Melody Nelson.

L'Histoire de Melody Nelson

And if you can’t find the cd, just do it.